Portland’s very own all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!

The basic Scoop

July 24-25, 2021


11am – 6pm

Colwood Golf Course

6050 NE Alderwood Road, PDX 97218

Tickets on sale now.

$20 – 14 and up
$15 – under age 14
Kids under 2 eat free!

All tickets from 2020 will be honored

Waterslides, live music, and tons more!

Here is some amazing video from 2019!

ScooperFest and Covid-19

Like everyone else, out of an abundance of caution we had to cancel our event in 2020. But based on the news of vaccines on the horizon, we feel like our late July event is on firm footing to be mostly unaffected by the pandemic in 2021.

However, we also do not know what the world is going to look like in July of 2021. Have the vaccines been effective? Are people actually taking the vaccine? Are masks still a thing? Are people still nervous about going out in crowds? Did we get something scarier than murder hornets? Are there zombies yet? (Feel like that’s next) We simply can’t predict the future.

What we can tell you is we believe in the science, not the politics. If the vaccine works, we expect you to have taken it. If we still needs masks, then we expect you to wear one. We are not setting any Covid-related rules now because again, who knows what the circumstances will be by July. But you can fully expect us to have protocols in place to provide the safest and most healthy environment possible.

That said, we are excited to be in our new location at the beautiful Colwood Golf Course. This means we have parking, double the space, and more room to provide you with THE most entertaining day of the year. We have so many new things happening we cannot even dare to list them all.

The ScooperFest is designed to be the most family-friendly festival anywhere. Unlimited ice cream, rides, games, lots of costumed characters, activities for all ages, other food and drink, and of course – being on a golf course – golf! We hope to see you, we have missed people so very much!

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a ticket for 2020's event already?
All tickets for 2020 will be honored for 2021.
Is it really ALL you can eat? No hidden charges once we get there?
Your ticket gives you access to every single flavor we will have to offer. Just walk up and take whatever you like, as many times as you like.

There will be a few additional food options and drinks for sale. And there is a $5 fee for parking. Otherwise, there are no other costs involved.

I'm lactose intolerant, vegan, allergic to nuts, dairy...can I still go?
Portland, we got you. We thought we had you in 2019, but we honestly underestimated how big the demand for dairy-free ice cream was. So this year, we will have a whole tent serving nothing BUT dairy-free ice cream and treats. And everything will be labeled to show if there are any allergen items in the flavors, so you can eat with confidence.
But, but....Covid!
Oh we know. We know as little about what July 2021 will look like as anyone else. We will be working closely with the health authorities to take every precaution possible. Maybe we don’t need any because Covid is toast by then! Maybe it got worse. Who knows. But if you buy a ticket and we have to cancel once again, your money will be refunded.
What if the event gets cancelled again?
In this strange world right now, anything is possible. But, if we do have to cancel, your tickets will be eligible for a full refund.
So this is family friendly?
100%. Creating a total family friendly environment was the whole point of creating this event. No beer gardens, no wine tasting, no adult themes of any kind.

There is a new component, ‘Scoop After Dark’ that is aimed at an adult audience. But that doesn’t start until 8pm. The daytime all-ages event ends at 6pm.

Do I have to pay for parking?
Yes, it is a whopping $5. In 2019 you were paying much more than that for parking downtown, or had to ride the Max. We think this is a great option for everyone.
We went last year and...
Forget everything you think you know. We are growing and evolving as we go. The only aspect that will resemble the event in 2019 is how we served the ice cream. Otherwise everything else will be different. Different how? Bigger, more organized, more systems in place, more ice cream offerings, better crowd management. We took the lessons from 2019 and created solutions and added to that.
Are you still a non-profit?
No. We decided it was more trouble than it was worth. We can just as easily donate to our favorite charity as a for-profit, and fully intend to do so. Last year we donated to the Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel as well as the Oregon Dairy Women. While we may decide to donate to other places, the Oregon Dairy Women is our charity of choice. They empower women, education, and farmers…all of which is not only on brand with the Scooperfest, but genuinely important and needed work.
What is your ticket return policy?
If we cancel the event, then you will be able to get a refund for your entire purchase.

Otherwise, there are no returns or refunds for any reason whatsoever.

How can we support in the meantime?
1) Keep eating ice cream! The stores are open, and so are many of the shops. Keep them alive by indulging in all your favorite flavors and brands.

2) Donate to the Oregon Dairy Women. Since we won’t be able to help them out this year, you guys sure can. They have an incredible scholarship program for kids of farmers who want to go to college and study agriculture that we think is amazing. Go to www.oregondairywomen.com for more information.

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