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Portland’s very own all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!

Yes, you read that correctly!

Portland’s very own all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!

Yes, you read that correctly!

The basic Scoop

July 25-26, 2020


11am – 6pm

Colwood Golf Course

7313 NE Columbia Blvd, PDX 97218

Tickets on sale SOON

Kids under 2 eat free

Waterslides, live music, and tons more!

Here is some amazing video from 2019!

What is a Scooperfest?

The Scooperfest is an all-you-can-eat ice cream festival. Plain and simple. No samplers here, just full size scoops of deliciousness.

 In our first year, we had ice cream from 50 Licks, Future Pops / Portland Ice Cream Company, Turkey Hill, Brothers Desserts….as well as Tillamook, Cascade Glacier and Umpqua.

We sold out the event and then some in 2019. So in 2020 we have moved to a new location that’s twice the size, and has plenty of parking too!

In 2020 we will have so, so, so much more ice cream to choose from from local shops, regional manufacturers, and national brands.

One price gives you all day access to indulge your taste buds. There will be live entertainment, wild shows, water slides and some huge surprises we are working on!

This is a genuine family friendly event. There is no alcohol served on the premise, a perfect weekend outing for you and your families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Corona Virus?
As of the moment you are reading this, we are intending to put on the event this year. Should that change, we will update the information here immediately.

We are taking the virus very seriously. And we understand that some people will be scared away from doing any kind of public event as a result.

That said, we have two things going for us. First, that by the time July rolls around people will have gotten used to taking the necessary precautions to prevent spreading or catching it. And second, that if the CDC forecasts are correct, the virus should dissipate greatly in the summertime, much like the flu.

As for our event, we will have mandatory hand-wash stations that everyone will use before entering. We will also have a dedicated team of people whose sole job is to continuously wipe down and clean every surface possible. This is on top of our food handlers wearing gloves, support staff cleaning surfaces, no re-usable items, and quick disposal of full trash bins.

We will also be consulting with local health departments to make sure every precaution is taken, and every mechanism that is available to us is put into use.

Despite all that, as confident as we are about our ability to put on an event without incident, we would be remiss not to remind those who are elderly or have compromised immune systems that for their own safety – they need to be diligent about their actions in every circumstance.

Are tickets on sale?
Yes! Use this link…
Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds for any reason. The event is rain or shine.

In the unique situation that the event is postponed due to COVID-19, those tickets will roll over to the following year.

Will there be other food there?

YES! We thought that with so much ice cream people wouldn’t be interested in other food. Well, we were wrong. So we will have an assortment of hand-selected quality food vendors there. We will detail the offerings as we get closer to the event.

So, about this waterslide...
17′ tall, 30′ long, inflatable and awesome. Big enough for kids and adults alike. But bring a towel!
What companies are participating?

A little early to announce just yet. But expect a good mix of local shops, the big local companies, and national brands.

How environmentally friendly are you being?

Paper cups, wooden spoons, recyclable water bottles. We are working with the city of Portland’s awesome Office of Sustainability and their event recycling program that will help keep as much out of the landfills as we can. We do our best, but it only works if YOU do your part when here as well.

I have kids, is this going to be a Mommy (or Daddy) nightmare?

We hope not. We have lot of distractions for them, all-ages entertainment, the water slide, and ice cream. Also, the event is in a pretty secure area, not a lot of opportunities for them to wander off too far. We will do our best!

Will there be dairy-free, vegan or other options?

We tried to do a good job this year, but we quickly realized we needed to do much better. We will have an entire tent consisting of nothing but dairy-free ice cream. It is our goal to have at least 25% of the flavors be dairy-free (or more). And several of the companies / stores offer alternatives for those with sensitive tummies and diets. We just heard that Kate’s Ice Cream is joining us, which is a local plant-based ice cream company. This is Portland, guys, we will take care of you!

Can I volunteer?

Is this you way of trying to get free ice cream? Okay, it worked. We need scoopers and event runners. Just email us at

Are you a non-profit?

Short answer is, not anymore.

Basically, we originally planned on partnering with the Boston event (Scooperbowl). In order to do so we had to be a non-profit, so we filed all the appropriate paperwork, formed the board and all that. But as the event drew closer, we realized that a partnership wasn’t in either’s best interest, so we re-branded and became the ScooperFest.

We found an amazing charitable partner in the Oregon Dairy Women. We donated 90% of the net proceeds of the 2019 event to their organization, benefiting an innovative scholarship program that helps children of farmers go to college. The remaining 10% went to the Randall Childrens Hospital Foundation, benefiting cancer research.

After the event, we dissolved the non-profit and opened an LLC by the same name (Fathom Innovation Foundation).

We will be partnering with the Oregon Dairy Women in 2020. They will be volunteering at the event, as well as providing education and information about their many amazing programs and the dairy industry as a whole.

Can I bring my pet?

Only service animals are allowed. There will just be too many people and too much activity for it to be a good environment for pets.

How can my company be a sponsor of this amazing event?

Glad you asked. Just email us at and we will take care of you.

What if you run out of ice cream?

Please, we’re not amateurs! We have over 2500 gallons of ice cream on site. 

It’s never going to happen.

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