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Portland’s very own all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!

The basic Scoop

July 24-25, 2021


11am – 6pm

Colwood Golf Course

7313 NE Columbia Blvd, PDX 97218

Tickets on sale August 1st, 2020

All tickets from 2020 will be honored

Waterslides, live music, and tons more!

Here is some amazing video from 2019!

The decision to cancel 2020

“Due to Covid-19”

We thought we might be just far out enough in the summer to avoid having to use those dreaded words. But as weeks passed and the news got more grim, it became clear. The chances of the state allowing events of our massive size by the end of July, or of people feeling comfortable and safe enough to go to events as large as ours – just seems very unlikely.

And if we’re being honest, with so many people out of work and going into serious debt over this pandemic, we didn’t have the heart to ask people to spend their money at a festival (no matter how cool it is).

So we are happy to pass on the dates for next year. We will be in full force on July 24-25, 2021. And we really hope to see you there.

Anyone who bought tickets can get either a full refund, or have their tickets carried over to next year. Email

Meanwhile, hold your loved ones safe, be smart, and eat tons of ice cream! We love you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

The event is cancelled?

We had to do it. Public safety has to be our #1 concern. It broke out hearts to do so. But we will be back on July 24-25 of 2021!

But I already bought a ticket?

We are willing to offer you a full refund for your ticket, or the opportunity to carry it over to 2021. Email

You WILL be back next year, right?

Oh yes. Unless something crazy is happening in the world again, we will be happening on July 24-25, 2021. Tickets will go on sale in August.

How can we support in the meantime?

1) Stay tuned for possible smaller events we may host in the Fall. Best way to do that is on Facebook.

2) Keep eating ice cream! The stores are open, and so are many of the shops. Keep them alive by indulging in all your favorite flavors and brands.

3) Donate to the Oregon Dairy Women. Since we won’t be able to help them out this year, you guys sure can. They have an incredible scholarship program for kids of farmers who want to go to college and study agriculture that we think is amazing. Go to for more information.

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