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Portland’s very own all-you-can-eat ice cream festival!

The basic Scoop

July 2022


11am – 6pm

Colwood Golf Course

6050 NE Alderwood Road, PDX 97218


$20 – 14 and up
$15 – under age 14
Kids under 2 eat free!

All tickets have been refunded

Waterslides, live music, and tons more!

Here is some amazing video from 2019!

Sorry kids…

After having many (many) serious discussions with the state, Health Department, county and city officials, as well as most of the other major events in town – we had to sadly pull the plug on 2021. And if we’re being honest, in such a difficult financial time in the world, we just had a hard time asking you to spend your money with us.

We will be back in 2022 and promise to blow the doors off the event. It will be an epic mixture of sunshine, rides, music, and an unlimited supply of the best ice cream in the world.

See you then!

(All tickets purchased for either 2020 or 2021 have been refunded)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why no event in 2021? Other people had them.

We get that, and we wanted to. But this event is not as easy to put on as it may look. We have to coordinate with dozens of ice cream companies, as well as handle the logistics of the event. By the time things started to open up, there was not enough time to do it properly. Better to sit it out, than to do it half-scooped. (See what we did there?)

Will there be an event in 2022?

Oh yes. Not only will there be an event, there will be TWO. One here and one in Seattle! Dates will be announced soon.

All you can eat doesn't exactly sound 'healthy'?

This isn’t an event to come and gorge yourself (although you can if you want to). It’s more about being able to explore a huge variety of flavors and brands and new creations. Most people come away with more than a few new favorites. ScooperFest is about bringing people and ice cream together, which as far as we are concerned – is pure happiness.

What makes you different than other ice cream / food events?

You pay one price for the ice cream. No admission fee and then have to buy the ice cream once you get in. While you can buy drinks and other food, merchandise and some other items once inside, the ice cream won’t cost you anything additional. That includes the popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and other non-scooped items as well.

Are you affiliated with any other events / brands?

No. ScooperFest is the only brand, and we don’t partner with others. Any other events not using the ScooperFest brand are not associated with us.

Are you still a non-profit?

No. We decided it was more trouble than it was worth. We can just as easily donate to our favorite charity as a for-profit, and fully intend to do so. Last year we donated to the Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel as well as the Oregon Dairy Women. While we may decide to donate to other places, the Oregon Dairy Women is our charity of choice. They empower women, education, and farmers…all of which is not only on brand with the Scooperfest, but genuinely important and needed work.

How can we support in the meantime?

1) Keep eating ice cream! The stores are open, and so are many of the shops. Keep them alive by indulging in all your favorite flavors and brands.

2) Donate to the Oregon Dairy Women. Since we won’t be able to help them out this year, you guys sure can. They have an incredible scholarship program for kids of farmers who want to go to college and study agriculture that we think is amazing. Go to for more information.

What if you run out of ice cream?

It will never happen. We sell tickets, so we know exactly how many people to expect and plan accordingly. Usually we have the opposite problem of having to dispose of ice cream after the event. 

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